The show must go on

The health crisis that we know is forcing companies to reinvent their ways of communicating, with their employees, their subsidiaries, or their customers.

It is for this purpose that apex, a key player in audiovisual solutions in Luxembourg, today offers its audio and video recording studio to companies wishing to get their message out.

The latter can thus record a conference, with one or more speakers intervening in turn, before broadcasting it to the desired audience (a professional network or a public connected remotely). This simple alternative communication solution makes it possible to transmit a message quickly, which can prove very useful in the current context.

For companies that want to communicate directly from their premises, apex also offers all the necessary videoconferencing equipment, as well as its installation.

The secure broadcasting solutions offered by apex can be done via various platforms in order to meet the majority of requests.

apex signs Yamaha Pro Audio Dealer agreement

apex is proud to announce that we are part of the Yamaha Pro Audio authorized dealer network. Yamaha offers a wide range of products which will now be available for purchase with or without apex installation.

Safe to Meet

Comment organiser un événement en toute sécurité ?
Luxembourg Event Association en collaboration avec la Horesca ont mis en place un guide pour vous aider avec l'objectif la sécurité sanitaire de chacun : prestataires, sous-traitants,collaborateurs et public. 👍🏻😷 Grand merci à toutes les personnes impliquées 🙂

apex partners of the seventh Luxembourg City Film Festival 2020

It is with great pride that apex renews its contribution as a partner of the Luxembourg City Film Festival 2020. The seventh edition of the Luxembourg City Film Festival is to be discovered from 2 to 12 March, not only via all the cinemas cinemas in the capital but also through the Headquarters located at the foot of the Gëlle Fra. Hors les Murs events are added to the two international competitions, with numerous exclusives and more than 150 sessions organized. Join us in this collective experience of indoor cinema, the only one, the real one.

The mystery shop window of Reed & Simon

Among the end-of-year surprises in Luxembourg-city, some pop-up stores are popping up, but also "pop-up windows". This is how Reed & Simon chose to occupy an empty business and install a scene full of mystery.

On the same principle as pop-up stores, there are "pop-up windows", temporary window installations in unoccupied shops. It is this original formula that Reed & Simon has chosen to be present in the city center of Luxembourg by proposing an imaginary scene in a room located at the corner of 34, rue Notre-Dame / rue Philippe II.

"We were inspired by the 'Twin Peaks' ambience to create this imaginary scene," says Max Heldenstein, sales manager at Reed & Simon. "It's as if the occupants of this apartment had gone to bed after partying, leaving behind a piece of mystery. For us, it's also a way to be present in the city and to say that we love urban life, the streets of the city center and their atmosphere. A mix of drama and mystery that befits Luxembourg right now. "

This showcase is thus, for them, the opportunity to stage furniture that are available in their catalog, but also to collaborate with Apex which ensured the luminous atmosphere, as well as with Vitrin City Concorde, Honey / Mustard, Vitra, USM, & Tradition. And who knows, maybe another scene will appear next?

Written by Céline Coubray

Top 100

Organized by independent media group Maison Moderne, this event identifies the 100 most influential economic players in Luxembourg. As a technical partner of this major event, apex designed a unique audiovisual setup for Maison Moderne.

apex relocates

After several years at Bertrange, apex recently invested in new headquarters located in Contern. Only 15 minutes away from all main event centers in Luxembourg, this new 4,000m² building was designed to meet the needs and activities of the company according to environmental standards.